Oppo Tooth Hanger - James Pease - Anchor Bmx


Jim vs Cal.

Took a little with these two rail apes a few weeks back. No holding back. 


Jimmy - Oppo Tooth hanger grind.





Cal - Bombing a big boi..

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February 14, 2019 1 tags (show)

anchor bmx - cargo bike ramp stuntage


Say hello to the new must have for all your street adventurers out there... The Cargo/Trike kicker ramp combo sure does opens up some new street riding avenues for the Bmx world.

Thanks once again to Flag/Defero for killing it with this rad vid and all the crew for shredding hard - ENJOY.  


anchor bmx - cargo bike ramp stuntageanchor bmx - cargo bike ramp stuntageBmx Melbourne - Anchor Bmx Shop

anchor bmx - cargo bike ramp 360Beechy wild Bmx Gap at Collingwood Stadium - Anchor Bmxanchor bmx - cargo bike ramp stuntage - Melbourne bmx

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March 21, 2018 1 tags (show)



Tyson Mccaig - AKA Team bossman loaded us up with one mother load of pics - I added a few I had in the attic and uploaded this pupils swelling collection. Enjoy..

bmx skills - candy bar bmx wall ride - ghetto bmx spot Melbourne fullpipe bmx ridingfull pipe setup - bmx carve fake wall ride ghetto shot - bmxbmx table - Melbourne bowlBrunswick skate bowl - bmx toboggan bmx lifetorquay skatepark - bowl - bmx airbmx handrail 50 50 grindawesome bmx bail out - crashbmx bunnyhop over Melbourne bikeroller door bmx wallrideMelbourne hospital transitional wallridewheelchair ramp bmx massive bunnyhopbmx dirt wallride ghetto spot euro bmx airbmx tyre slide at ghetto spot Melbourne bmx pole ride air bmx air at ghetto spot in Melbourne bmx 360 over handrail Melbourne bmx spotsbmx wall ride on vert wall in AUSTRALIA Brunswick skatepark Melbourne - anchor bmx

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February 09, 2018 2 tags (show)