Terrible One Hearts Listen Tee Black



Terrible One Hearts Listen Tee Black

Words by Joe.

It is pure, and it is true . . . Whenever I’ve taken the time to listen, it’s never let me down. It’s the protector that lurks in the shadows so to speak. Always there, just waiting for its moment. It signals to me when it's needed, though not necessarily with the easiest answers to swallow. But its speaking my own, undeniable, language to me. Sometimes it’s not until a moment of hindsight that I can see the path, now clearly illuminated, that I have been in search of. But it will always align with what truly runs through us with unmatched clarity. Ongoing development applied to a life that we continue to live. A personal progression to bring further balance within me when the scales are tipped.

A whole lot went into this design on so many levels . . . much thought, meaning, and symbolism . . . And I realize that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy explanation of the things that we like. But I personally have always enjoyed the part where I feel pulled towards something, and then I learn a bit more of what went into it. In an instant, all becomes clear, and it makes perfect sense as to why I was drawn to it. Its that subconscious tractor beam just doing it’s thing . . . Joseph Frans started drawing this design on his own. I believe the idea was based on a few talks we had over countless cups of coffee. It was so cool to work with him on this since that first sketch, and all the back and forth that went on to arrive at this finished point. I love that part of the creative process. And I can’t thank him enough for bringing this artwork, that rings so true, to life. - Joe
*Artwork by Joseph Frans.