Eclat Bios Pivotal Seat Mid


Brand: ECLAT

Eclat Bios Pivotal Seat Mid


Eclat brand new BIOS Pivotal Seats are here. Using their very own custom designed seat base for maximum strength and durability, these seats are a huge improvement in functionality and aesthetics over the traditional Pivotal seat design.

Eclat spent over 2 years working on a new base structure which was super tough, robust and clean in aesthetics without raising the price of the seat.  Machine tested the new BIOS seat in the lab under a load test and saw huge improvements in the nose and rear over the traditional Pivotal seat bases on the market.


nylon/fibre injected base

Black, Brown Leather, Blue Leather, Performance Black (slim, mid and fat padding)
Technical Black, Fade, Vision Camo, Electra (fat padding only)

eclat exclusively designed seat base, re-enforced nose, and rear section, Pivotal seat technology, slim, mid or fat padding, minimal rubber patch for clean look

Slim, 283g (10oz/ 0.62lbs) Fat, 388g (11.9oz/ 0.74lbs) Mid,  313g (11.3oz/ 0.69lbs)