Profile Mini Cassette Hub


Brand: Profile


High/Low Flange Rear Hubshell
- 36 hole only (28 & 32 on request).
- Available with Female Chromoly, Female alloy or 14mm hollow axles.
- Female axles come with chromoly 17mm 3/8 hex bolts with 14mm step ( Peg hex bolts and volcano available at no extra charge upon requested)
- Chromoly driver 9T standard - 10T and higher including multi drive upon request (Ti upgrade also available)
- Floor stock hubs are RHD (LHD on request)
- Made in USA

Note: Due supply issues the options have been limited on our listings, bolts and axles can still be switched but please call the store first to confirm stock on hand. 03 94956338


Contact us for more options - LHD, Ti upgrades, colours and more.