Photo dump

Anchor Bmx crew

Techie blessed us with this solid photo dump from his personal collection. Pics have been taken over the past summer and are starring all the classic characters. 

- Flags, Beechy, Joel, Louie, Collin, Cal, Robbie, Jimmy and Fabe.

- Bless your eyes.


Party pants Flagz

Black Hill Leigh G, Collin, Hamish - Bmx Ballarat

Beech Sydney Pool - BmxBlack Hill Collin Bmx Kick Out

Cal Black Hill Bmx BallaratCal Ice pick StallCal Pegs Mt Martha Skate park - Anchor BmxFabe Pool - Anchor BmxJimmy Flare Melbourne Hospital - Anchor BmxJoel Pejar Air ShadowJoel Pocket Bmx Air PejarLeigh Giason Black Hill - Anchor BmxLeigh Giason Trails - Anchor BmxBmx Life - Dirt JumpsDIY Bmx Spots MelbourneBmx Tresspassing For The Good Of Spots
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