Brand: Proper Bike Co.



BUYER BEWARE - To the best of Propers knowledge the rear axles will fit Animal, Season, Cinema VX2,  Colony Clone, Premium Stinger and numerous other hubs. They will also fit BSD hubs but you’d also need to replace the cone nuts. They will fit all Proper hubs made since 2008 (if it has a bushing driver you’re good). Axles come with a 6mm broach on the non-driver side and they’re hollow.

The 3/8″ female bolts are compatible with most popular hubs including Odyssey, GSport, BSD, Eclat, Animal, and Cinema (they don’t fit Fly or Profile front hubs). They have 17mm hex head bolt with a 6mm allen broach.

Axles and bolts are available separately.

Please contact us for more information.