OnGuard Mastiff Chain-Lock Keyed 110cm x 12mm

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OnGuard Mastiff Chain-Lock Keyed 110cm x 12mm - X Series


Packed with features OnGuard lock earn the highest safety ratings with quad-locking mechanisms, bump-resistant cylinders, and hardened steel shackles and chains. On the outside, our locks are fully-coated to protect your from scratches and to shield internal parts from the elements plus 1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys.
A short-shackle Boxer U-lock with X4P Quattro Bolt locking mechanism paired to a 110cm long, 10mm titanium reinforced, hardened steel hexagonal link chain. Boxer U-lock can also be used alone as a disc lock.

Size: Chain 110cm x 10cm Shackle Diameter: 14mm