WTP Sterling Bars

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Color: Acidized black

WTP Sterling Bars

Pete Sawyer is picky to say the least when it comes down to designing his signature parts. From the get go Pete knew exactly what he wanted in a bar so the Sterling bar came together pretty easily. Measuring up at 9.2″ tall and with a comfortable 3 degrees of upsweep, if you’re looking for a bar on the bigger side then look no further than the Sterling bar.


MATERIAL: full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “M2“ crmo
TUBING: 7/8” multiple butted
RISE: 9.2″
WIDTH: 29″
SPECIALS: Pete Sawyer signature bar, with cutting guides
COLOR: Acidized black, glossy black, translucent blue, translucent green
WEIGHT: 809 g (28.55 oz : 1.78 lbs)