Excess Elite 60 Freewheels



Size: 16T

Excess Elite freewheel
with 60 engagement points

Our EXCESS Elite freewheel is a 3/32″x 16T with 3 pawls and 60 points of engagements, doubling that of most other freewheels offered today.
Offered in a brushed satin and chrome combo finish in 16 tooth only.
This is the ultimate Hi-end Pro level freewheel offered at an affordable price!
Size : 16 tooth only
Weight: 138 g / 4.9 oz

The Excess Freewheels are rated at 550 LB/in. torques, that far exceed the current FW on the market, which are rated only at 420 LB/in.
We made these to meet the current needs of a high performance and reasonably priced freewheel.